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Beggar's Destiny

Old Beggar
Old Beggar

I see a beggar in front of me

Who can hardly walk, can't even see.

Betrayed by her family for no reason

Sadness is what she has for all seasons.

Crumpled and torn attired with a dirty blanket around

Begs whole day, eat whatever she found.

Sadness on her face, a story to tell

God has given her a gift, does she deserve it so well?

Wrinkled body, eyes sucked in. Sitting in a corner, thinking what her sin?

Hands spread out, to carry her living.

Once these were for blessing, giving

Gray hair, what she has around

The pain of her family, is all that sounds.

Battles all lost in her life.

Waiting for the day, whe can tell, "Death is Mine"

~Vikas Nagori - 07.07.2001

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